African Baby Girl - Miniland

African Baby Girl - Miniland

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Playtime is a fundamental activity during childhood. That’s why Miniland Educational design and manufacture toys to fill both play and learning time, and toys that can be used as learning tools by parents and teachers.

Miniland Educational’s collection of Dolls is considered an important educational resource to help your child comprehend the concepts of family, population groups, basic rules of relationships, coexistence, and respect for racial and sexual diversity.

Made from smooth vinyl, with a hard, vanilla-scented body, the African Girl Baby Doll is the ideal educational companion for your little one. With realistic facial features and jointed limbs that are easily posable, this doll will help to develop children's cognitive skills, motor skills, creative skills, and social behaviour.

Miniland Educational – it’s where fun and education play.

African Girl Baby Doll features:
  • Suitable for children aged 10 months to six years.
  • Designed in the USA.
  • Made in Spain, from smooth vinyl.
  • Dressed in soft, fabric underwear.
  • Vanilla-scented body.
  • Features realistic plastic eyes and facial features.
  • Sits upright on its own.
  • Jointed – limbs are posable.
  • Develops your child’s cognitive skills, motor skills, creative skills and social behaviour.
  • Presented in a Miniland Education box.
Design: African Girl.
Height: 21cm.